In injection moulding, the design and construction of the mould influences a lot more than just part symmetry. From injection pressure, to cycle time, surface finish, part defects, tool life, energy consumption, and cost efficiency, how a mould is designed and built has far-reaching effects.

With over 30 years of domain expertise, our team at Alesco can give you a competitive edge on your next project through our extensive tooling know-how. Here are just a few of the types of moulds that we can help with.

Insert moulds
Multi-cavity moulds
Hot runner moulds
Precision moulds
Stack moulds
Thin wall moulds
Family moulds
Prototype moulds

In case you’re not yet ready to start mould production, our design services can help you improve manufacturability and cost efficiency for your part. If you already have a prototype ready for production, let’s quote you on your project.