Material Conversion

Material conversion is aimed at gaining cost or performance advantages by converting parts made of non-plastic materials to plastic materials, or switching the material of a part from one plastic to another. The field of engineered plastics is constantly evolving with new compounds and blends, and ever improving performance attributes such as tensile strength, chemical resistance, or elasticity. This makes it possible for products to be manufactured in plastic, fulfilling properties or performance requirements that previously may not have been possible.

For applications as diverse as automotive components, industrial machinery, consumer goods, and household appliances, switching to plastic brings with it an array of benefits.

Greater flexibility with part geometry
Limitless material combinations through insert moulding and overmoulding
Enhanced strength-to-weight ratios
Superior aesthetics through limitless colours, surface finishes, and graphics
Reduced environmental impact owing to lower waste, material usage, and energy consumption
Lower cost thanks to quicker, more streamlined manufacturing

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