In-Mould Labelling

Using a pre-printed film inserted into the mould, in-mould labelling (IML) or in-mould decorating (IMD) produces plastic parts with finished labelling or decoration, straight out of the mould. Examples of parts made with IML include kitchen appliances, packaging trays, containers, branded devices, and control panels, to name but a few.

By easily changing the film inserted in the mould, IML allows product variations that are otherwise expensive or impossible with mass production. There are also a host of other benefits of in-mould decoration injection labelling.

Better product aesthetics with high quality graphics
Greater design freedom owing to curved and 3D graphic options in addition to flat labels
Ability to wrap insert around a radius, allowing graphics on surfaces which are beyond the ability of printers
Flexibility to achieve product variations by changing inserts within a production run
Superior graphic alignment and bonding due to adhesives and pressure sensitive labels being obviated
Enhanced durability with the option of chemical and abrasion resistant coatings
Reduced cost through elimination of post moulding labelling and printing
Quicker time-to-market thanks to fewer process steps

IML delivers superior graphic quality compared to direct printing and screen printing, and is also more cost effective for complex patterns and multiple colours.

Let’s discuss how in-mould labelling can give your next project an edge.