3D Design Assistance

3D part design is about a lot more than form, function, and manufacturability. In today’s market, regardless of what the product is, every creator needs to maximise cost-efficiency to achieve the margins required for business success. And any manufacturing expert will testify, 80% of a product’s manufacturing cost is determined by its design. Choices made in the initial stages of the development process contribute to the majority of the costs, while the actual production choices account for 20% of the costs.

Through our design services, we help achieve optimal design for manufacturing (DFM), delivering a host of benefits to any project.

Lower material and process costs
Faster product development cycle
Reduced tooling cost
Fewer manufacturing operations

Whatever the scale of your project, a sound approach to design can lower the total program cost, and deliver a faster time-to-market. Talk to our experts for help with your next project.